Friday, 23 September 2016

One week to go!

I am slightly nervous but incredibly excited that the Chester Marathon is now just over a week away, I received my race pack this week and I've got my Under Armour kit to get ready and just a few bits of fuel.

I think I'm most worried about running out of energy but I'm hoping that the buzz from the crowd and a drive to get to the end will keep me going.

This weekend I have my final assessment for my Coaching in Running Fitness course, I think I've managed to put some techniques and tips into my own running and training to become a better runner. I'm not even thinking about the time to complete the course, it's just the first stage of a bigger event.

The North Wales Coastal path part will take place during the February half term, this will give me time to drop the miles and work on strength during cross country season and then build up again to have the distance in my legs. The picture of the Coastal Path shows my route from Bangor to just outside Queensferry so you can see it's quite a way!

I'm planning to run the following routes over 3 days and am looking for accommodation on the first night in Llandudno (I can add your advert to the blog) and also if there are any sports masseurs out there that can support me after each run I would be most grateful.

Day 1 - Bangor - Llandudno 27 miles
Day 2 - Llandudno - Prestatyn 21 miles
Day 3 - Prestatyn - Queensferry  29 miles (ish)

Right hoping for a nice easy week so I can get to that start line.

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