Wednesday, 14 September 2016

It's all about team work

This weekend I had to push back my long run a day as my hubby was taking part in the Montane Trail Half Marathon in Delamere Forest, that's what happens when you're both running nuts you have to shift your schedule to share the time out training. As you can see from the before and after piccies it was a toughie, well it was for him as the kids and I spent the time playing in the woods, eating sausage baps and listening to the awesome Paper Cranes who were providing the music during the event. As I say being part of a support team is hard work 😃
So Monday afternoon was my chance to get out and do 16 miles, I planned my route the night before and worked out how many gels I would need, how much water and laid out my Under Armour kit. I was ready, I haven't done this distance for many years so slightly apprehensive.

All started well and continued to go well, the miles stacked up and I refuelled as planned including a few extra nutrients courtesy of a fly or two. In fact as I headed back to town and down to the beach I was actually enjoying the run, as I neared the last two miles I was running out of water - a quick text to my daughter and there she was with a bottle of juice and she joined me for the last little bit on her bike.

Running the longer distances has to be a solo event but having that support where it counts really makes a difference. No matter whether you're a professional athlete with a team of experts around you or a Mum of two with two jobs, an athletics club and a passion for the community you can't do it without a good support network.

So think of that when you're next out running, who supported you on the way and remember to say thank you.

Thank you Phillipe for your encouragement, swopping running shifts so we can both enjoy our training.
Thank you kids for coming on your bikes whilst I run and provide the water and juice to keep me going.
Thank you Mum and Dad for looking after the kids when we have taken part in races.
Thank you to my brother Les for the energy gels and socks.
Thank you to all of you who are going to get your wallets out and contribute to my fundraising, for once I am being straightforward and asking for your support but it's not for me but many kids who will benefit from using the equipment and have a chance to enjoy athletics in their community.

Thanks Eva

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  1. Brilliant!! Yer gonna do great! despite the cold you have. It's a good chance to rest.